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The Cost of Cooperation

Chimps, our closest relatives, gather in troops of dozens. We gather in countries of hundreds of millions. We can do this because we invented tools to coordinate, just like we invented tools to do so much else.

There is always the question of who should we trust to handle these tools, but now we have got one more answer. We can automate governance. Instead of voting for a person, we could vote for a program that will run without further human intervention, which gives a new spin to an old idea of electronic democracy.

You can invent a clever taxation system, or you can run presidential elections through a smart contract. You can start small. Try a music label where every artist has a share of the company. Build a decentralized autonomous organization for your neighborhood.

Assembly is a DAO, too. You are the one to choose how many tokens Assembly mints every year, how it distributes them, and why it takes them away. You could vote to change the voting system.

The Currency of Cooperation

Assembly has its own currency, the ASMB token. It just makes sense: since these tokens are stored in the Assembly's chain, it is really straightforward to program minting, staking, and money transfers. It is easier for users and validators to compare offers in the same currency.

Your Assembly tokens also represent you in the Assembly's DAO, so a fair governance system would rely on a fair distribution of tokens.

If you have IOTA tokens, you can get some Assembly tokens for free.